The culinary tradition in Umbria has ancient roots. In Cascia, you can taste the culinary specialties produced in harmony with the environment, accompanied by fine local wines and spirits. The cheeses, including pecorino aged in cave or in Sagrantino, cheese with black truffles, cheese and saffron of Cascia, the salted or fresh ricotta. The wildflower honey is the result of an ancient tradition of bee keeping fed in monasteries, convents, good alone or accompanied with the cheese of Valnerina. Sweet bee product is tied to the miracle of the bees attributed to Saint Rita. Meats are part of the millennial history of the Nera Valley, in particular of Norcia, which saw its famous ham conquer the IGP, but the tasty pork products are many and all to try: corallina, guanciale, lonza, coppa, ventresca, salsicce. The rustic kitchen lovers will enjoy cicerchia, the characteristic legume like peas which, together with roveja and spelt, creates delicious soups. In particular, the Monteleone spelt obtained the DOP mark attesting to his taste so specific and high quality. Among the IGP lentils, it is mentioned that of Castelluccio. In addition to mushrooms, the woods of Valnerina guard “the pearls of taste” : black truffle and summer truffle. Even the rivers offer seafood, like shrimp and trout of the Nera known for their digestibility and freshness. Of primary importance in the local gastronomic scene it is definitely Saffron, obtained from the dried stigmas of the purple flowers of Crocus Sativus. This spice gives the unique food in taste, in addition to having beneficial properties for health. Another delight of the local cuisine is the roveja of Civita of Cascia also called rubiglio or corbello, which is recognize by Slow Food. You can eat roveja fresh or dried, as a main ingredient for soups. Stone ground, it becomes a flour from a slightly bitter aftertaste that is used to make the farecchiata: a traditional polenta topped with chopped anchovies, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, good the next day, sliced and toasted in a pan.


Ancient flower of great charm, saffron has crossed the story of humanity offering itself for thousands of its uses to the most different cultures of all time. One of these is the town of Cascia, where the soil, climate and environment allow delicate plant to grow and develop while maintaining its properties. Thanks to an association of farmers, they gave life to the PURE SAFFRON OF CASCIA. Following a specification similar to those used for IGP products, farmers produce, package and sell the pistil of the flower that, thanks to the absence of contaminants and the type of crop, is considered pure. Visit and food tasting at De Carolis company, born in 1993, in the mountain areas of Civita (PG), where the pure and pristine environment allows for healthy and wholesome raw materials, but they require effort and commitment to be grown. Lentils, roveja and saffron that the company produces are special because they grow in the mountain clean air thanks to the hard work and constant dedication to man.

Legumes and cereals:

Our land, the Nera Valley, in the vegetable sector is mainly known for the lentil IGP, the Monteleone spelt, recently listed among the DOP products, roveja, that in the nearby town of Cascia has been recognized by Slow Food but, even if no specific awards, we are always also cultivated: barley, wild pea, barley and other more common legumes. In November trade show “Emotions and Taste at High Altitude”. Visit to the company that produce legumes and cereals to learn together processing and properties of mountain products.


Thanks to the excellent pastures, good forage, are a guarantee for all those who love healthy products, cheeses are made with milk processed raw and directly on agriculture, without intermediaries. You must try the Umbrian pecorino made from local sheep bred with respect for traditions. The workshop takes place in the hotel where you will be shown how to produce different types of cheese.

Cold cuts

Our meats respect the authenticity and traditions of Umbria. Products are manufactured without any addition of polyphosphates and other additives. The only natural flavors are pounded in a mortar or classic manually pulled. All this is packed into different types of guts depending on age and bound by hand as tradition. The air of our land with its mountain fresh current favors a perfect oxygenation and aging, guaranteeing a taste and a particular fragrance. Visit to the butchery to discover the origin of this food. In this laboratory, we attend the processing of typical cold cuts of our land.

Visit the company beekeeping

A journey into the world of bees, to discover their importance in the animal world, the life cycle of their products. Tasting of sweetness.

Visit to chocolate factory

Find out how and where does chocolate is prepared in all its form. The purpose of this laboratory is to discover the oldest processing techniques still in use and the nutritional and healthy properties of this plant.

Summer truffle

truffleWhat it is considered the black gold of Italian gastronomy in Umbria has one of the best area of production. The small-grained, compact and tasty pasta make truffle a superlative ingredient for each dish and an great seasoning in every course. The richness and diversity of forests and soil in the region means that it can be harvested tubers with particular organoleptic characteristics. In August there is the Exhibition of “Aestivum” , entirely dedicated to the precious tuber. We organize the "Truffle Hunting ", a great adventure through the woods, together with an expert “cavatore” and his hunting dog that will lead the group into the woods in search of the precious truffle.

Sagrantino’s way

It is at the center of a renowned area covered by vineyards of select wines that gave rise to the Sagrantino’s way. Transfer to a wine cellar near Montefalco. Guided tour of the winery paired with wines, including the famous Sagrantino.

Oil mill

Guided tour and tasting in the Trevi area, renowned for the production of an oil with a pungent aroma and bright green.

Bakery course

The course will be held at the hotel, the laboratory consist on the realization of a dessert or more mini cakes and personalized praline. Each participant will have his emplacement where everyone can realize their delicacy.

Cooking class

Possibility to carry out cooking class at the Grand Hotel Elite or Country House for 3 hours, with our Chef to learn and enhance the Umbrian excellence.

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