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Tradition is Passion

Feast of rural mountain traditions

On 17th and 18th of January the town of Saint Rita will be taken back in time, through a journey in rural culture and popular uses, all surrounded by tastings of typical products. Cascia comes to life with the rural mountain traditions festival, there are stands of typical products and of old trades, educational workshops with real craftsmen. You can attend performances by international folk groups, and tasting of farmer's soup. Are represented the ancient crafts, you can ride a horse and carriage, the same day we attend the " Interregional Festival of Pasquarelle ", one of the oldest and most important events of popular music of Nera Valley. The exhibition gather folk music groups from Umbria and neighboring regions, who dressed in traditional clothes sing songs accompanied by accordion, organ and caccavella (a traditional musical instrument).

Festival of Winter Truffle

Festival of the Black Truffle of Norcia

The exhibition, which takes place the last weekend of February and the first of March, focuses on Black Truffle, but it has areas also important dedicated to the typical products of Nera Valley and of European and non-European countries. During the event there are tourist attraction with cultural events, folklore and music, but also exhibitions, conferences about gastronomy and traditions.

Primary Pia Union Meeting

Primary Pia Union of Saint Rita, arised in Cascia in Saint Rita Monaster was diffused all over the world. It was created to connect in an association all the believers not only in their own local realities of faith, but also together with the national coordination. The event takes place two weeks before Easter.

Easter and Procession of the Dead Christ

The Procession of Holy Friday is organized by the Brotherhood of the Good Death, which keeps alive the historical and religious tradition. The procession, which commemorates the Passion of Christ, moves along the streets of the town in a suggestive atmosphere. The parade, which is completely performed by each figure barefoot, the plaintive cry of women and men and the mighty swipe of the chains that Penitentiaries, strictly hooded, are the only sound that can be heard in this night full of mystery.

Feast Saint Rita

22nd May

Re-enactment of Rita's life and the people of her time, a solemn liturgical celebration in honor of Santa Rita.

Feast of the rose and the rite

It is held annually on the last Sunday of June. Rose delivery, flower symbol of Santa Rita, scroll to the women who bear the name of Rita. Solemn Eucharistic celebration presided by Renato Boccardo, Archbishop of Spoleto - Norcia Diocese.

The Thorn Procession

From June to August there is the procession of the plug that Saint Rita had in the forehead for fifteen years.


Show the Summer Truffle Market and rosehip

The event allows you to learn more about the Summer Truffle also said Scorzone, the main product of the Nera Valley, with particular attention to aspects related to the collection, conservation and its use in courses. The exhibition will also focus on the Dog Rose, one of the plant species that are widespread in the Valley and it is often found in the same environments in which growing tuber aestivum. For the city of Cascia, the rose has a meaning even more important because is linked to the figure of Santa Rita. The city of Santa Rita will be animated by music, art, culture and folk, and gastronomic stand that sale local products like Saffron of Cascia, lentils, Roveja of Civita di Cascia, and spelt, with particular presence of truffle exhibitors. Many side events scheduled, ranging from food tastings and workshops related to this precious tuber.

Festival of Panzanella

A typical and old farming village, Onelli fraction of Cascia, in August thanks to the Festival of Panzanella proposes a poor peasant dish but fresh and repurposed in the most tasty variations to the traditional recipe which is made with stale bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, basil, salt, pepper, vinegar and oil, but also anchovies and onion. The evening is enlivened with live music and midnight fireworks.

Village Festival

Culinary challenge between the village near Cascia

The Palio of the villages, starts with the parade accompanied by “tamburini” group of Cascia and medieval crossbow. Afterwards the participants will present the dishes in the race, you can taste and vote on the dishes. At the end, there will be the sleepless night with the music of an orchestra.

The Square of Taste

In August, four days entirely dedicated to products from Valnerina among the tastes and flavors of our area. The city of Cascia will turn into a great " flavor Market " with eateries called "squares " each dedicated to a fruit of the earth. There will be exhibitors of Cheese, Honey and Jams, Legumes, Spices, Salami and Bread that will be showcasing their products explaining the techniques of production and processing of raw materials. A characteristic of this event is the opportunity to change euros with Shields of Cascia needed to buy the goods in the streets. In addition to the culinary festival, street performers, show cooking, re-enactment of ancient crafts and a areas dedicated entirely to children with entertainment and lots of fun.

Saffron’s Festival

Will take place between the end of October and the beginning of November

Saffron is known since ancient times. Homer, Virgil, Ovid and Pliny mention it in their works focusing on the culinary art and virtue to dye fabrics. Among the ancient peoples of Asia was a common ingredient in cooking food. It was also used to prepare mixtures to burn during religious ceremonies. It has digestive properties. Once Saffron, of which one uses the stigmas, were attributed analgesic and sedative properties. Four-day event, the show dedicated to the " spice queen" of these lands. The historic center of Cascia is colored with yellow with stands, tastings, exhibitions and events including food and wine and culture. An opportunity to learn the famous " Zaffarame of Cascia ", grown in local farms and tasted in the exclusive setting of Cascia’s Square, which for the occasion will be transformed into a real lodging, where you can taste dishes prepared with this ingredient which is a delicacy.

Festival of Spelt and of typical products of the mountain

In Monteleone di Spoleto from 5th to 9th December takes place the Festival of Spelt and of typical products of the mountain. This event combines the good Umbrian culinary tradition with the religious customs of the past and aims to promote local products. Monteleone’s spelt is one of the oldest in Europe, in the area have been found the remains of this cereal even in an Etruscan tomb ( Tomb of the Biga ) dating to the sixth century BC.

From bonfire to Pasquarelle

Exhibition of nativity scenes and Bonfire

The Festival of the Nativity, starts as usual in the afternoon of December 8th, is the major event on Christmas holidays in Nera Valley. Protagonists are the many and fascinating cribs, interpreted as tradition or reinvented through the creativity and imagination with natural elements, fabrics, painted stones, wooden pegs, strings, glass and other materials out of the ordinary that make them curious, precious and refined. On the night of December 9th, there was a moment of great suggestion, the lighting of the bonfire, to celebrate the Translation of the Holy House of the Virgin of Nazareth . Since then the fires are burnt every year to illuminate the darkness and illuminate the path of the angels. Ancient and unique tradition kept alive by the dedication and commitment of citizens.

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